Difference between Registration and Accreditation

On July 17, 2008 CORE voted to change the scope of its accreditation to include undergraduate programs. The Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) became the Commission on Undergraduate Standards and Accreditation (CUSA). Accreditation is afforded to programs within the United States. CORE does not accredit programs outside the United States and Puerto Rico.


REGISTRATION. The registration process is a mechanism whereby CORE can report undergraduate programs in rehabilitation and disability studies that have curricula that prepares students for the roles and functions performed by bachelor’s-level rehabilitation practitioners. Registered programs have completed a self-study and the self-study has been reviewed by the Undergraduate Commission and determined to have met the undergraduate program guidelines.

ACCREDITATION. Accreditation is more comprehensive than registration and requires that programs meet established standards rather than just curriculum guidelines. Accredited programs have completed a much more extensive self-study of their curricula than registered programs. Accredited programs also have external components of the evaluation process that strengthen CORE’s confidence that standards have been met. Accreditation requires evaluation input from current students, program graduates, and employers of program graduates.

Accreditation requires an on-site review of the undergraduate program by trained peer reviewers. The review team meets with students, graduates, employers, faculty, and institutional administration. The site review provides the most direct assessment of the structure, operation and faculty of the program and its ability to meet CUSA’s academic standards.

Effective July 1, 2012, CORE no longer accepts applications to the undergraduate Registry from programs within the United States and Puerto Rico. The programs on the Registry at the time the registry was closed were informed they have the opportunity to apply for accreditation status by October 1, 2017 or they will be removed from the Registry. Rehabilitation education programs outside the United States will remain on the Registry at this time and it will become a global registry of programs.