CORE Stakeholders:


Thank you for taking the time to provide CORE with feedback about Draft #3 of the Rehabilitation Counseling Standards for accreditation. This draft reflects changes recommended by stakeholders who provided feedback about Draft #2 of the Standards. One notable change is the simplification of the Standards, using more general terms instead of "laundry lists" of specific elements within many of the Standards. CORE welcomes your feedback about this change, as well as other feedback you can provide.


This is the final draft that will be available for public comment. CORE's Standards Revision Committee will review all of the feedback received about this draft, and make any changes needed before submitting the final Standards to CORE's Board of Directors for review and approval. After the Standards are approved by CORE's Board of Directors, that final version will be adopted by CACREP on July 1, 2017.


Please provide feedback for the three sections of this draft of the Standards, and add your general comments at the end of the survey. Thank you for your contribution to this essential part of the process. DUE DATE: Please complete the survey no later than Monday, April 17th at 5:00 PM EST.


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